The People of the Golden Triangle

For centuries, the mysterious region of South East Asia known as the Golden Triangle has captivated many. The early 20th century saw a surge in the infamous tabloid tales of being the world’s second largest home and traffic to opium and heroin. Fast forward to today, the Western imagination is transfixed by the six culturally distinct

Costume and Conflict

Statement fashion? Perhaps. For the Herero people found in parts of Namibia, Botswana and Angola, dress code is more than just that. It is infact an integral part of their culture, a woven tapestry of remembrance. You see, 1904 marked a significant year for the Herero people, where they set out to reclaim their land

Words: Delicate Strength

Words. A simple 5 lettered word that at a glance offers no great significance; we speak them, we write them, we understand them (sometimes). They are the very essence of life, for how else could we express ourselves? The way our minds run wild with thoughts – it is, dare I say, thoughts made up

Pure Gold Artist, Lina Iris Viktor

Currently living between London and New York, Lina Iris Viktor is a global citizen born to Liberian parents who spent most of her youth in Johannesburg, South Africa. Her work is backed by her persistent studies in film at Sarah Lawrence College as well as photography and design at The School of Visual Arts and

Puno Selesho

Poetry and sunset stories with the 22 year old law graduate, social entrepreneur and poet, Puno Selesho as she debunks all the myths we may have had about the spoken word art.  Her words are her gift to the world and she hopes to share her own African narrative in a way that will inspire,