Pure Gold Artist, Lina Iris Viktor

Currently living between London and New York, Lina Iris Viktor is a global citizen born to Liberian parents who spent most of her youth in Johannesburg, South Africa. Her work is backed by her persistent studies in film at Sarah Lawrence College as well as photography and design at The School of Visual Arts and has been exhibited at the likes of Harvard Art Museums and the Cooper Gallery, Harvard University.

Constillations III by Lina Iris Viktor
Constellations III by Lina Iris Viktor (Image source: Lina Iris Viktor)

The conceptual artist, performance artist and painter sculpts her paintings to life by using a distinctive but consistent pallet of black, white, Majorelle blue and perhaps the most invoking of all, 24 karat gold. Her work seems to seamlessly embody the natural laws – history, present and the future – a divine trademark that ignites the senses and instantly transports the admirer to a whole new world.

When asked why gold, Lina muses:

“It is one of the softest, most malleable metals in existence, yet, in its purest form (24 karats) it is practically indestructible… Since its discovery, humans have been struck by its beauty, resonance, and otherworldliness… All of this is just the outcome of gold having found its way to our little planet.

In actuality, what makes gold so remarkable is the cosmic story of its creation in a supernova — and how it had to travel across the seas of the cosmos to be deposited on our little planet.” HuffPost, 2016

Evolution, Lina Iris Viktor
EVOLUTION, Lina Iris Viktor (Image source: Lina Iris Viktor)

Another symbolic aspect of the artist’s work is her incorporation of Majorelle blue, an intense, yet soothing abyss that can be likened with the colors of the skies and seas. Yves Klein, a french artist loved it so much, it became a signature of his work pre ’60’s. If Marrakesh is on your to go list, be sure to check out the 1924 Majorelle Garden, a fresh space put together by the man himself: Jacques Majorelle.

Self Portrait, Lina Iris Viktor
Self Portrait, Lina Iris Viktor (Source: Lina Iris Viktor Pinterest)

Lina Iris Viktor Expo
Lina Iris Viktor (Image: Super Selected)

For more of Lina Iris Viktor’s work, check out her website, or her Instagram. Leave a comment below if you are just as inspired and intrigued by her work.

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