While journeying through South East Asia, it became apparent that although the local communities are set in their low impact environmental textile and craft ways, the larger population was unaware of the sky rocketing plastic pollution numbers.

We discovered that the average closet is essentially made up of plastic. This is because more than 60 percent of the global fiber market is polyester – a carbon intensive petroleum that when refined, looks like cotton, silk, faux fur or anything we want it to be really.

Now, we are aware (as we are almost certain you are too) of the global ocean plastic crisis, where it is estimated that if we don’t do anything now, by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean. What was shocking was the revelation that 86 percent of the ocean plastic comes from Asia as there is no apparent recycling infrastructure set. Asia is also where 86 percent of polyester textiles are manufactured.

We are strong believers in that we, as a human race should leave Earth as we found her, so of course this realization is still not easy to digest. After raging and ranting, we cracked our heads on how we can move forward. It is now, more than ever essential to break the non essential chain – meaning, whatever is plastic, we are good thank you very much.

Our mantra is zero plastic, zero sweatshops and 100 percent true quality style. And, we are taking it back to basics by working with local designers and crafters who have perfected generations of textile and craft production, without the need for plastic. Our hope is to break the garment plastic chain, preserve old traditions and along the way, stir an appreciation for the craft and textile process. Join us in nurturing Mother Earth back to health.

Plastic Does not Breathe, but We Do

We partnered with the Palaung women in northern Thailand to make  12 different kinds of farmer’s bags, each with a personality of it’s own. From start to finish, each bag is loomed and made by human hands. An everyday essential, each piece is a sentimental piece of art.

Here is proof:

Abelia Farmer’s Bag

Just Breathe. A lover and fighter needs a clear head and a still heart to continue making ripples of positive change. The Girl Gone Authentic will passionately fight for a cause that she truly believes in. Named Abelia meaning ‘breathe’, the cool grey and deep pink Abelia farmers bag is a gentle reminder to occassionally pause and breathe.

Nova Farmer’s Bag

To shine our brightest, we must start somewhere. The Girl Aone Authentic plays by the rules of her own game, sacredly creating and illuminated path for others.The bold, natural indigo Nova farmers bag is a reminder that in the pursuit of chasing our dreams, it’s ok to ask for help and sometimes offer a helping hand. The more stars there are, the more beautiful the night sky.

Lisa Farmer’s Bag

Sacredly named Lisa, meaning the Goddess of the Sun, the Lisa farmers bag is a gentle reminder to freely create. The Girl Gone Authentic is happiest when she is free to create without holding back. It takes hard work, and patience to shape our world into what we envision and the soft pink but bold Lisa bag reminds us keep going.

Lola Farmer’s Bag

The laidback Lola farmers bag is made from uncoloured cotton. A strong symbolism of standing strong in who we are – daring to let our perfections and imperfections dance together in perfect harmony. The Girl Gone Authentic knows this truth and Lola is a gentle reminder that like a mosaic, pure beauty only emerges when the pieces come together.

Asis Farmer’s Bag

Dare to take optimism with you wherever you go. Driven by the authenticity of her being and an undeniable zest for all that is life, the Girl Gone Authentic explores the world with a childlike curiousity and seeks magic in the ordinary. Named Asis, meaning ‘the sun’; this sunshine maize farmers bag is a gentle reminder that even on the cloudiest day, you can always count on the sun to shine again.

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