Who’s Stacii

She’s not afraid to show the world her true essence. She plays by the rules of her own game, and is happiest when she is free to create without holding back. She is inspired by cities near and far, cultures ancient and modern; and  will passionately fight for a cause that she truly believes in. Driven by the authenticity of her being and an undeniable zest for all that is life, she wears her heart on a sleeve and dares to love hard – in all ways and always. welcome home!
the feels

About Stacii


Words that transport you to another world, art that sends shivers down your spine, style that silently tells a tale. Sentimental, vulnerable yet ever so strong. 

Stacii chews the bones with exuberant and off the beaten path global ladies, who are knee deep in their craft and and are changing the world one day at a time. During her travels, she likes to delve deep in cultures tucked away from modern influence, exploring architecture and interiors derived from an authentic place. 

A genuine smile, kindness and warmth – these are the things that set her soul on fire and reasonable justification to her bias where she seeks ethically made style and decor to share with you.

Made with love for every #GirlGoneAuthentic

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